I am continuing my journey with pastels and have tried my first landscape with them. I have done this scene before in watercolour with a large hake brush and thought it would lend itself well to pastels. I am very happy with the resulting image which was done with a mixture of pastel sticks and pencils.

Thanks for looking.

We have a garden full of birds at the moment, probably due to the numerous bird feeders we have placed around the willow tree. This pastel study was inspired by the Blue Tits that frequent the feeders and it is the latest of my pastel drawings which are giving me a lot of pleasure at the moment. I am liking the pastel pencils for fur and feathers and they also allow me to work quickly which is important to me.

Thanks for looking.

This is my latest pastel drawing.

A few weeks ago we were having a meal in a pub in the middle of nowhere to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. My sister was present and said when are you going to paint me a picture.
This is the result from that conversation. The dog is my sister’s beloved Sophie and I must admit to being very happy with the result. The actual picture does look better as the camera highlights the dimples in the paper too much.

If you are looking at this ‘Our Helen’ I hope you like it!

Art group last night and I took my pastels once again. These are fast becoming my favourite media and the pencil format means that I don’t get too messy. This has been the problem in the past as I hate to get my hands dirty, I can’t remember this as a child as making mud pies was a favourite pastime.

I have always wanted to have a go at a tiger, but have always resisted as I though it too hard with watercolours. The pastels did give me the opportunity to get a real fur effect and I am happy with the result.

Here it is.

Art group again last night and the pastel pencils came out again.
I had a really nice image of Doris Day to try and reproduce and the image below is the result. The mouth is not quite right which makes the image not look like her. However I do like the image as a portrait of a 1940’s lady.

I am on the hunt for more icons before I attempt a family portrait which does scare me a little 🙂

I am still enjoying being back at art group and absolutely loving my pastel pencils. They are great for portraits, which seems to becoming my favourite subject at the moment.
Here is Clint Eastwood drawn last night.

At last it was time to return to the art group. It has been three months since we all met and I do find it difficult to discipline myself to paint or draw every day.
Everyone was on great form and all ready to produce to great artwork.

During the break I bought some pastel pencils as I fancy doing something a bit different. I have shied away a bit from pastels as I don’t like the mess they create. I am forever washing my hands!

The picture below is my first attempt with pastel pencils.

I have begun drawing portraits on my iPad of a weird family. I am using the App Asketch which makes the drawing of faces really interesting, this coupled with the Wacom stylus makes for the perfect iPad drawing combination.

The image below is the Mother of the family.

Over the weekend we took a trip to Crosby near Liverpool to see the Antony Gormley installation Another Place. This is a wonderful piece of artwork with 100 identical statues modelled from the artist, spread across the beach.
I was inspired to try and capture the essence with a piece of iPad artwork. The picture below is the result.

Art group last night, and because it was the last session until September I decided to do something a little different. Hence the puffin. This was done in acrylics and was a welcome break from the hake based landscapes I have been working on lately. I have done other birds and animals before in acrylic and I do enjoy them. I like the forgiving nature of acrylics and the detail they afford the artist.

Thanks for looking.