Work took us both to Oxford for the weekend which gave me a chance to do a couple of sketches around the city. it was so cold that after the drawing of the Radcliffe Camera I made my way indoors to the library. great to get back into the swing.



I spent a few days in Dubai a few weeks ago and I just had to try and paint the skyline. I have had to use a reference image from the Internet as I couldn’t get this type of photo. We did go up the Burj Kalifa building which was a great experience.  This means I have been up two buildings which at the time were the tallest in the world. The other being the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This was painted in pen and wash.


This is a pen and wash sketch of Plover Scar lighthouse near Lancaster. The building opposite is Heysham nuclear power station. We visited here last week to take a look at the sky divers who are based nearby. The lighthouse is covered in scaffolding at the moment and looks quite a sorry site. This was drawn from a reference photo.  Enjoyed doing this and happy with how it turned out.


Life has been quite busy of late and art has taken a bit of a back seat in the past few weeks. However a recent trip to Leeds allowed me to take some photos of the wonderful architecture. This ink painting is a representation of the inside of the shopping arcade. There are a few things wrong with this, the main one is the fact it’s not loose enough. I had plans to add just a touch of colour, but ended up colouring it in! Nice to get back to art group though.


This is one of very few oil paintings I have done. I have painted or drawn this view in loads of different media and it seemed right to paint it in oils as well. Once it is dry I need to do a bit more tinkering, but this might not be a for a few weeks as the bit that needs work is white,  and this takes ages to dry.


This is an oil painting of the coldest place I have ever been. The river was so cold or made your feet ache badly when you stood in it. However after about an hour walking and getting deeper, we went in over our heads. A great experience.


We are currently visiting Southampton and whilst here I took the opportunity to paint part of the ancient walls that once surrounded the city. This is a part of the wall that used to form a circular tower. I think it dates from the 14th Century.


This are my final holiday watercolours. A great two weeks has flown by and I have enjoyed painting every day. I still have more to do as I want to fill the sketchbook and improve my techniques.