Back to art group this evening. We were all given a rose to draw ink. No pencil allowed as a pre-drawing. We were given half an hour, but I was enjoying this so much that I carried on all night. Loved drawing this in my favourite medium.

Visited Ashton before Christmas. Actually went to Ikea there, then into the town with the family. The market was busy and I took the reference photo for this watercolour whilst our granddaughter was on a fairground ride to the side.  A bit of a strange one to paint but I liked to old building in the background.

The second watercolour of the year. This is a double page spread sketchbook painting of our favourite local place, Whalley Abbey. I took the photo a while ago and loved the shadows falling from the edge of the image. Getting back into the swing of things again, and enjoying the art.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any art. Work and Christmas has sort of been in the way lately and I have subsequently suffered from a bit of a block. I am determined to make sure I post lots more of my art as I get my mojo back. I am determined to do something everyday, some wont be posted here but the stuff I’m happy with will make an appearance. This painting is of the war memorial in the grounds of Clitheroe Castle.

Sat watching X-Factor this evening and drew this very sketch sketch of the gorgeous Nicole Sherzinger. The original photo was from Billboard. I quite enjoye enjoy doing these scrawly sketch portraits. Done with the Sketches app.


Work took us both to Oxford for the weekend which gave me a chance to do a couple of sketches around the city. it was so cold that after the drawing of the Radcliffe Camera I made my way indoors to the library. great to get back into the swing.



I spent a few days in Dubai a few weeks ago and I just had to try and paint the skyline. I have had to use a reference image from the Internet as I couldn’t get this type of photo. We did go up the Burj Kalifa building which was a great experience.  This means I have been up two buildings which at the time were the tallest in the world. The other being the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This was painted in pen and wash.


This is a pen and wash sketch of Plover Scar lighthouse near Lancaster. The building opposite is Heysham nuclear power station. We visited here last week to take a look at the sky divers who are based nearby. The lighthouse is covered in scaffolding at the moment and looks quite a sorry site. This was drawn from a reference photo.  Enjoyed doing this and happy with how it turned out.