This pen sketch is the view down the steps leading to the castle in the centre of Parga in Greece. Walked these many times and it does get harder each year as the heat really makes you feel tired.

I’ve Done lots of paintings of Parga in the summer, but this one was done from a photo in winter. It has been snowing here lately and at the  moment it is very cold. I used a limited palette to try and make this appear bleak.

Not painted a self portrait for a while. Not done any IPad art for a while either. This was painted from a photo taken from the desk at work with a bit of an unusual angle. The app used was Artrage.

had a look around Clitheroe today and had a spot of lunch….well a lot of lunch actually. Walked it off around the town and took the reference photo for this on the walk. It’s a lovely town and has a super castle too. Interesting shops and a market which was closed today.

Decided not to add any colour to this.

This is my second watercolour in a few days of Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. A lovely place to visit. Sad to think that just over a year ago it was completely under water with the horrendous floods.

Hebden Bridge is a wonderful place to visit.  We live a shirt distance away, well about 30mins away. This is my water colour after the bridge Inn the middle of the village. I tried to make this clean by using just transparent colours.  A4 size in my sketchbook.

I just needed to get this view onto paper.  It’s been a bit like anew itch. I needed to get it out of my system and draw it. Decided to do this on grey paper and with water soluble pencils. Lobe how the white really stands out in these drawings.


We haven’t been to Manchester Airport Viewing Park for a long time, and the weekend saw us running an errand and popping in to the park. It has changed a little with a nice cafe and restaurant and the wonderful Concorde. You can’t get that near it, but it must be great having a wedding or conference under it.

This is my watercolour sketch from a photo taken on the day.

Spent quite a lot of time working in Malaysia around 15 years ago. Loved the place so much I returned with the other half for a holiday. The reference photo for this was taken on the holiday. Watercolour sketch in my A4 sketchbook.