This week at the Art Group I attempted a watercolour based on a photo I took in Wetherby in Yorkshire. I liked the view because it posed a perspective challenge, and it was a very sunny day with some very dark shadows.

I used to use trace down paper which basically lets you trace the picture before painting. However I have dumped this and am enjoying freehand drawing before beginning my paintings. Overall I was happy with the effort even though it does look a bit off centre. I didn’t rotate the picture in photoshop before posting and my camera skills are a bit lacking!


This morning we had an extra session which was a life class. This is the first time I have painted a life model and to be honest I, along with others in the group were a bit nervous, much more than the model who is very used to this.

I made lots of sketches throughout the morning with the model in a variety of poses. The morning culminated in a 45min pose which turned out to be my most successful drawing and is shown here. The difference with life drawing as opposed to landscapes and buildings, is that on a building it doesn’t really matter if a window is not in the correct position or the right size. But get a foot the wrong size or a limb out of proportion on a person and the whole thing is messed up.


As ever…thanks for looking.

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