This week at art group I thought I would have a go at a self portrait. The first version was a pencil sketch. The outcome is not that bad even though it looks a bit grainy as it was done on watercolour paper. This only took about half an hour so I attempted a watercolour version with just one colour. As a first attempt at a watercolour portrait I must admit to being happy with it, even though it makes me look a bit mean. Finally and to use up my paint at the end of the evening I completed a quick ten minute watercolour sketch of some unknown girl. This came out better than I expected as I did work really fast.

All this was done in preparation for a life model we will be drawing next week. I am looking forward to this experience even though I am a bit nervous about it. Results to follow….if they are any good!

As ever…thanks for looking.

Self Portrait

Unknown Woman

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