It was art group last night. We meet at the Civic Hall in the centre of Whalley Village in Lancashire. There are only about ten of us who meet each week and everybody does their own thing in different media. This free approach makes the meetings interesting as we don’t have to follow a teacher. We do have half an hour to learn new techniques at the beginning of the session, but after that we get on with our own thing.

This week we had to choose one word from a list we were given, then produce a quick sketch representing that word. The word I chose was ‘Peeping’ and the resulting 10 minute sketch is shown below.


Once this exercise was over I started on the main subject of the evening which was a watercolour of Rye in East Sussex from across the marshes. This was completed in about an hour, and to be honest I am quite happy with this one and the new larger format I am working in seems to fit a more loose style of painting. I am sort of beginning to get a style and I don’t really want to get into a deep comfort zone. The result is shown below.


As this only took an hour to complete, our tutor Jean, took me out of the comfort zone and gave me an image to reproduce. I eventually want to get into portrait painting and the picture below is a watercolour sketch that only took about 15 minutes including the initial sketch. I was amazed by the outcome. Working quick and in one colour really worked and made me use dark colours to get the shadow atmosphere.

Once again… thanks for looking.


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