Tonight our art class was held in a local parish church. We had a couple of hours to paint either inside or outside of the building. The weather was superb with great shadows, but I decided after taking lots of photos of the outside, to paint features inside. I produced the three images here and apart from the statue, did them straight onto the paper.
Thoroughly enjoyed this session and it did give me the inspiration to do more direct painting. I was even observed by a couple of visitors to the church… Thank goodness they were polite.




This is the second painting trying to get that watercolour feel. This again was painted in Artrage on the iPad and with the Sensu Brush.
The painting was inspired by Jean Haines who is a very loose styled watercolourist. It is her style I have tried to emulate here.

Thanks for looking…


I have struggled with the watercolour features on the iPad. There aren’t that many apps that try to accurately mimic watercolour. I suppose the unpredictability of water makes it difficult to recreate in an app. But what do I know. There are two apps that do this. One is Auryn Ink and the second is Artrage. I have tried Auryn Ink, and to be honest I have probably not done it justice. It just seems hard to use and up until recently was really low res which put me off.
Artrage has many watercolour tools, and to make them work I have tried to be really free with them and used some bold colours. I enjoyed this painting and it was inspired by Jean Haines watercolourist, who’s book I purchased recently.

On the watercolour apps front, a special mention should go to Paper by 53. This is not a watercolour app, but the brush tool seems to hAve been used as such by a great number of very talented artists. This app is very well worth a look if you are thinking of getting into iPad art.

Thanks for looking…


Another self portrait painted on the iPad in the Artrage App. This was done again with my excellent Sensu Brush.

I am really enjoying this series of self portraits. Somehow I don’t feel threatens by painting myself. I suppose the pressure is off and the only person that knows its wrong is me. A bit different when you paint someone else’s portrait and they don’t like it.

Thanks for looking….


This is a reworking of an earlier painting now done in this new style I am enjoying. Using a very limited pallet of colours and working out what works well is half the challenge of this blocky type of painting.
I love the way this has worked out and the colours are vibrant and rich which adds to the summery feel of the image.

Thanks for looking….


My second painting using the block colour stylised style. This again was painted in the Adobe Ideas App. The thing with these portraits is to get the skin tones right and to do this I half close my eyes and try to get an average colour for the large area covered. It is hard not to mix lots of colours and try and blend them together.
This did take a bit of getting right under the chin and down the left hand side of the face. Initial this was too dark and she looked like she had a beard.
The painting is of my 8 month old grandaughter.

Thanks for looking…


Had a go a another self portrait in a different style. This was done on Adobe Ideas. I took the ideas from posts on the excellent ‘IPad Artists’ Facebook group. If you are at all interested in iPad art then you should join this group.

Enjoyed this and I may try a few more like this.

Thanks for looking….


Just couldn’t resist another self portrait with a different pose. This was done in the Artrage app with the colour put on with the Sensu brush and the line work done with an Adonit Jot stylus.
I did a portrait last week which was. Appalling and this was a means of proving to myself that I can still do it so to speak. Quite enjoyed this one and it is quite similar to me.

Thanks for looking….


This ipad painting is from a photo I took earlier in the day of Blackburn Town Centre in the UK. The glass clock and stair tower is quite new to the town and I have been threatening to try and paint it since it was built.
The challenge was to try and get it to look like glass. I am happy with the result. The secret was not to be afraid of the darks in the bottom half.

Painted on the IPad in the Artrage App and using my wonderful Sensu Brush which has made iPad painting feel more ‘real’.

Thanks for looking…