This is an Artrage iPad painting of a rescue dog, rescued by a Facebook friend.
He looked such a noble dog on the photograph and he asks to be painted.

Thanks for looking…


Another canal painting. This is a bit nearer to home and I took the reference photo for this whilst out walking on the Leeds to Liverpool canal about 1/2 mile from home. If I carry on walking in this direction for 60 miles I end up in Liverpool.
It was the shadows on the path that struck me and it made me think it would make a great composition for an iPad painting.
I painted this on the Artrage app with the Sensu brush and the Adonit Jot stylus.

Thanks for looking…


On a recent business trip to Grantham in Lincolnshire UK I took a walk on the local canal during the evening. My main aim was to do some geocaching, another hobby of mine. During the walk I came across this bridge and I took a photo of it with a view to painting it later. The thing that struck me was the darks and subtle lights as the sun was dropping low in the sky. The scene cried out to be painted.
This was done in the Artrage App on the iPad and with my Sensu Brush and Adonit Jot stylus.

Thanks for looking….


This is an iPad painting of one of the three cats living next door. They are real characters and sort of rule the roost around these parts. I was lucky enough to catch this one sitting still for a while.

This was painted in the Artrage app and again with the Sensu brush.

Thanks for looking…


This is the latest painting from my safari to Blackpool Zoo. This magnificent pelican was sat really near to the fence along with a few others. I managed to get off a few snaps and selected this one as the best to paint.
This was done in the Artrage App with the Sensu brush. The initial sketch was done with my Adonit Jot stylus. I added a frame to this one with the Wall of Memories App. This gives a nice effect, but it does lower the quality of the overall image. Happy with it though.

Thanks for looking…


This magnificent specimen was painted on the iPad from a wonderful reference photo taken by a work colleague. This was painted in Artrage with the Sensu brush. The hardest thing with this image was the water and trying to make it look like it was moving slightly. Overall I am happy with the result.

Thanks for looking…


This is the second iPad painting from our safari to Blackpool Zoo. This ostrich was a cheeky chappie and I just managed to snap him before he buried his head in the sand 🙂

This was painted in Artrage and I used the Sensu brush and Adonit Jot stylus for the line work.

Thanks for looking…


Took our Grandaughter to Blackpool Zoo yesterday, her first visit to a zoo. Couldn’t miss the opportunity to take lots of animal photos with a view to a series of iPad paintings.
This is the first of those paintings done in Artrage with the Sensu Brush and Adonit Jot stylus.
The thing I was trying to do here, as well as show it was a giraffe, was to try and get the sense that the sun was shining.
I thoroughly enjoyed this, as I do with my other animal paintings.

Thanks for looking…


This is the first painting from our recent holiday in Greece. This was painted in the Artrage App and with the Sensu Brush. The line work and sketch was done with my Adonit Jot Classic stylus. The painting was omelettes from a reference photo I took whilst taking lunch on a day trip to Corfu. The weather was boiling hot on that day, and I have tried to show this in the painting.
I hope to do more of these in the near future.

Thanks for looking…


Been very quiet of late as I have been holidaying in Greece. As ever I took lots of art materials and never touched them once. I always do this and get so chilled that I just sit by the pool reading and relaxing.
I have however taken lots of reference photos to paint on my return home and I am looking forward to trying these on the iPad, watercolour and acrylic.
The colours and shadows here are so intense that I fancy having a go at a large canvas in acrylic of a typical Greek alleyway.
Watch this space as the art starts flowing again.