Another sheep painting on the iPad. This one is of the magnificent Herdwick breed. These are very hardy and are found mainly in the Lake District in The North of England.
I was trying to get a watercolour effect for the sheep. I am getting to like this brush in the Artrage app and it is allowing me to produce quick paintings, very much like ‘real’ watercolours.

Thanks for looking…


Trying for a watercolour effect on the iPad again. This handsome fellow was painted in the Atrage app. I don’t want it to sound weird, but we really like sheep in our house. When you start to take notice of them in the fields you appreciate the different breeds and the areas in the country where that can be found.

Anyway, enough of that. Thanks for looking…


Took the reference photo for this iPad painting on our recent holiday to Parga in Greece. Wish we were back there!

Liked the simplicity of the composition and the hardest thing was to try and get a decent water effect. I used the Artrage app for this and adopted the watercolour brush to try and be a natural watercolour effect. This has sort of worked out well.

Thanks for looking…


Time to try another portrait of our grandaughter. This is the second attempt at painting her and I am much happier with this one. The last effort was a little scary and I just couldn’t get a decent likeness.
I must admit that painting someone else other than my own face is more scary as there is pressure to get the likeness right.
Have to say that I am happy with this painting. Done in Artrage and with the Sensu Brush.

Thanks for looking…


This is the second painting of a screen legend in recent days. Feel a series coming on. I just love the black and white images of these people. The light and darks in the photographs just gives them so much impact. They ask to be painted.

This was painted on the iPad in the Artrage App.

Thanks for looking…


This is about the third time I have painted a portrait of Audrey Hepburn. I find myself being drawn back to her. She has great features for an artist to capture. This was painted on the iPad with the Artrage App and the Sensu Brush. The sketch was done with my Adonit Jot stylus.
I used a reference photo from the Internet. I enjoy the black and white portraits and the lighting in some of the old screen legends photos make for great portrait subjects.

Thanks for looking…


Felt the urge to paint another self portrait with a weird expression. So here it is. Took the photo on my phone when nobody was looking!
Used the Artrage app again for this one and painted it with the Sensu Brush.

Thanks for looking…


This is another regular visitor to the garden and one that always makes me smile. I have painted a series of garden birds before, but these last two were done with a different technique. I am still trying to get a watercolour type effect with some detail as well. These are very quick paintings and I am enjoying them greatly.

Thanks for looking…


Still messing about with the watercolour brush in the iPad Artrage app. I am finding the secret to this is putting down a base of very watery paint, then telling the app to make the paint dry mmediately as extra layers are painted on top. The knife is then used to blend the edges of the paint strokes. Either way I like the effect.

Thanks for looking…


Trying for a watercolour effect on the iPad with this frog. I used the watercolour brushin Artrage and the blending tools to mix the colour around a little.
The effect worked quite well and it was a very enjoyable painting to do.

Thanks for looking…