This iPad painting is of a dog that belongs to a friend of someone who comes to the art group. I don’t know the animal but I just liked the reference image.

This was painted in the Artrage App.

Thanks for looking…


This was painted at my art group last night. It was nice to get back to some traditional art after all the ipad painting of late. I decided with this one to experiment a little and use a lot more water than usual. The paper was very wet when I put in the colours for the rocks. I di have to take out some colour on the top right as I dropped in too many and muddied the colours a bit. I do need to remember that two colours work and three turn to mud. I will leran with practice.

After I took the photograph shown here I noticed the face and the lion in the left hand pile of rocks. Didn’t see it at all when I was painting it. Oh the joys of watercolour!

This is the latest in my pet series. This one was a joy to do. The colours in this Rotweiller are superb and just complement each other very well. The blending of colour seemed to work like a dream. Very happy with this one.

Thanks for looking….


Back to the iPad for this painting. This image is from the place where wo took our holiday last summer. We had the best holiday ever in Parga in Northern Greece. This painting sort of makes us want to go back.

Painted using Artrage with the Nomad Brush for iPad.

I am on a roll now. Two paintings in two days! This was done in an hour using pastels and pastel pencils. In the time I had available I must admit to liking most of this. With more time the brown feathers could do with more work. As ever the whole painting comes together with the eye, and if this is wrong then the whole thing won’t look right.

Thanks for looking…

Last evening I was leaving work after a training session in a school in Whalley Range in the south of Manchester. The sunset was superb and heralds a change in the really bad weather we have been having of late.

I snapped the image on my phone then just had to create a painting on my iPadĀ usingĀ the wonderful colours in the sunset.

The picture was done using Artrage for iPad, a superd art program which is available on PC and iPhone as well.

Thanks for looking.

My latest painting has been inspired by the fact that I have had some very early mornings of late and seen some beautiful sunrises.

This was painted in Acrylic on a canvas. I must say that the original does look better, but I am happy with the result. The painting marks my journey to becoming an artist and not just a copier of photos.

Thanks for looking….