Had a double session at art group today. This was my effort tonight. I have just started to like acrylics again and thoroughly enjoyed this painting. This took about 1.5 hours to complete. The trees worked out well and I used a brush I have never used before to get the stippling effect. The best part is the red tree in the middle of the painting.

Thanks for looking….


Had a go at an iPad portrait of my wife today. I have done quite a few self portraits and this was a nice change. Got to say that the pressure to get it right was high. Not so bothered about a painting of myself, but this had to be right.

This was painted on the iPad in the Artrage app and with the Sensu brush.

Thanks for looking…..


It is that time of year again, and is always like to do something to represent Remembrance. Last year I painted a picture of the poppy fields. This year I have included poppies taken from a photo I took at a war memorial in Harrogate.
This was painted in acrylics, and it was nice to do something other than the iPad. Very happy with the way this turned out.

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This is my competition entry for the Society for All Artists group on Facebook. This new scheme sees lots of people interpreting the same image. It is a great idea and nice to see all the different ways people represent an image.

This was painted in Artrage on the iPad.

Thanks for looking….

20131022-083825 pm.jpg

This is my pet portrait of one of three dogs at a local cafe we visit regularly… Gardenmakers near Wigglesworth on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

This was painted in Artrage and I enjoyed this one very much. Might try and do the other two as well. Whilst all three dogs are Golden Retrievers they are all very different looking and in personality.

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This is my competition entry on the Society for All Artists Facebook group.
I am not normally a landscape ipad painter, but I am getting to enjoy these more and more. There were a number of tools used on this one and the app used was Artrage.

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This is my second painting from Antony Gormley. This is from a reference photo off the internet taken at Crosby beach at sunset.
If you haven’t been to see this group of 100 sculptures it is really worth paying a visit. You will need to be in the Liverpool area.

Painted on the iPad in the Artrage App.

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This is Antony Gormley’s sculpture entitled ‘The Angel of the North’ this wonderful piece of art is based in Gateshead and I visited it this week. I took the reference photo just as the light was changing.
Painted in Artrage.

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