Lots of portraits of Nelson Mandela at the moment. This is my tribute painted in Artrage on the iPad.

The reference image for this was taken from the internet and I have to say I really enjoyed seeing this one emerge from the screen.

Painted as ever in the Artrage App and with the Sensu Brush.

Thanks for looking…


This is my iPad attempt at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. This place will be unbearable over the next few weeks on the run up to Christmas.
I wanted to try and get the fact that it was wet on the ground and the reflections were great on my reference image.

As ever this was painted in a Artrage and with the Sensu Brush.

Thanks for looking…


The super reference image for this painting was posted on a Facebook group I follow. This was such a gorgeous subject to paint. The colours were so rich against the grasses. The sky then throws the image forward towards the viewer.

As ever I painted this in the Artrage App.

Thanks for looking…


Ran ipad demonstrations at art group today. Hopefully some of my fellow artists will be inspired to do some iPad art at home.

Just had time at the end of the evening to paint this red Indian in watercolour. Really enjoyed doing this and not something I normally do. Going to,do more like this.

Thanks for looking…


This is a bit of a departure for me. Trying for an iPad sketchy effect with this one. To do this I used the pencil tool a lot for the detail and the airbrush for the shading.

The effect is quite good and to be honest I do think it is a good likeness of her..

Thanks for looking…


This wonderfully coloured starling is my first attempt at the weekly competition on Facebook and the SAA group. I will probably be having another go throughout the week in watercolours.

This did turn out well though and the colours are a very good match.

The bird is widely found in Tanzania. You don’t get starlings like this around here!

Thanks for looking…


This is a portrait of a friend from art class. She is a Mexican girl and has very striking looks. We tried to draw her during the session but I just couldn’t do it justice. After the session I asked if I could take a photo of her so I could paint her on the iPad at my own leisure.
This one took about 3 hours to complete.

Thanks for looking…


This was my painting at art class. I am currently liking the acrylics and I have managed to find a way of making trees look more tree like and less like lollipops.

Thanks for looking…

20131121-053304 pm.jpg

This painting is my latest entry to the Society for all Artists facebook group weekly competition.
Back to the iPad for this one and painted in my beloved Artrage app and with the super Sensu Brush.

The reference picture is a sunrise at a location on the Pembrokeshire coast in South Wales.

I used the oil brush for this one and smudged the paint on the canvas with the digital palette knife. All whilst sitting on the settee. How I love this iPad art.

Thanks for looking…


Regular readers here will know I am a great fan of Artrage on the iPad. However last night I downloaded a copy of Art Set Pro. This is a new app, or an updated version of an existing app.
The developers have greatly added to the feature set and made it a very painterly app. The brush controls and colour pallet are just wonderful. I am looking forward to using it more and more.

Not bad for a first attempt.

Thanks for looking…..