This week at Art Class I wanted to try and repeat the success I felt after my Acrylic painting of Marilyn Monroe. I chose a face opposite to hers, basically an old man.
I must admit to being happy with the result which was done in less than an hour. I can see me doing more of these in the future.

As ever….Thanks for looking

This week I had a go at a full landscape in acrylic paints. I must admit that I found this quite difficult as it is harder to blend colours in acrylic and this effort turned out a bit like a painting by numbers picture. I do like painting in acrylics for portraits and animals but after this first attempt I do think I will paint landscapes in watercolour in future. However I have decided to put all my efforts on the blog so I can track progress and learn from mistakes. The modelling paste used to add texture to the mountains seems to have worked quite well though and I hope to use it again.

As ever…thanks for looking.

seven sisters2

Painted this field of poppies at art group the other night. I know it it posted a bit late but it is my contribution to Armistice Day.

As a painting I like the foreground and the background but the middle distance is a bit ‘mushy’. Overall though I am quite happy with the way my acrylic painting is going.

As every…thanks for looking.


This is my first attempt at a portrait using acrylic paints and I must say that I am quite pleased with it. As acrylics dry so quickly, I found it difficult to get soft shadows in places and this can be seen on the hard spot on the shoulder. However the mouth and eyes seem to draw your attention from this and you don’t notice these shadows immediately.

Portraits are an area I would like to get into and this has spurred me on.
As ever.. Thanks for looking.


This week at Art group we were told we were to make a mess. I am not that into messy stuff but I did enjoy doing the abstract painting. The idea was to create a background using two colours plus white and black. After we created our mess we needed to look at the painting and create something from it. My background looked wintery and the mountains seemed to spring from the page. I think it turned out ok, and it was a real departure from my normal stuff.

Once this was done I had a go at a swan with three signets. The main reason for doing this was to try and get a realistic water effect. I enjoyed this picture and it did turn out quite well. Some of the darks may need to be darker, but on the whole I am happy.



This is the latest painting on my journey to get to grips with Acrylics. I am really enjoying the fact that areas can be reworked as this was done on this painting in spades. The left hand wall had a lot of really badly painted shadows and it was great to be able to overpaint the white and make the whole picture less busy.

The actual painting does look much better than this image. The shadows near the door have been washed out in the photographic process.

Thanks for looking.

I have been toying with the prospect of painting a colourful tree frog for a while, but was a bit afraid to try it in watercolours. However as I am trying out acrylics this term it seemed the time to give it a try. I am pleased with the resulting painting. It took just over an hour to complete, the problem was knowing when to stop. Tinkering about with a painting has been my downfall in the past but the good thing about acrylics is the tinkering is easier to hide.

As ever thanks again for looking.

This week saw the beginning of a new term at art group. I must admit to missing it greatly over the summer. Somehow I find it difficult to paint at home in the evenings and weekends. Life seems a bit busy and all the other members of the group seem to have the same problem. Not a good plan if I am going to try and paint for a little profit in my retirement. I have a little time to improve J

I have decided to enter an acrylic stage. Watercolours are great but they do frustrate me at times as they don’t want to do what I want them to. Acrylics on the other hand are great when I make a bit of a mistake. I do need to get my pallet arrangement sorted though as clearing up is a bit of a bugger.

The painting here was done from a photo taken on holiday in Santorini. I must say after a while of no activity, I am pleased with the result. I am rejuvenated.

We have recently returned from a week on the beautiful island of Santorini. This was our first visit and it will not be our last. I was determined to do some sort of artwork on the holiday and to that end I packed some watercolour pencils and some water brushes, these are synthetic brushes with a built in water reservoir. I have never used this kit before so the experience was a bit of an experiment. The pencils were fine, but I found that I couldn’t get the intensity of colour I can with watercolour tube paints. However I did enjoy the experience and the relaxed experience of painting in the sun. My main problem with this was the water dried on the paper almost as soon as it touched it!

My best two images are shown here and as ever, thanks for looking.



Last weekend we visited Preston for a spot of shopping. This gave me the opportunity to make my way to the station with a view to finding a subject to paint. There was an organised train spotting group at the station so I didn’t feel that out of place. I would like to state here that I am not a train spotter nor do I own an anorak!

Parked up at the end of the station in a siding was Virgil Tracy, a class 57 loco. I subsequently looked it up afterwards. It just shouted out to be photographed and painted. I had to wait until the train spotters had left it alone as it did seem to excite them.

The resulting painting is shown here… I am trying to paint at home as the art group has now finished until the middle of September. 

As I mentioned I have researched the loco and the link HERE will take you to a video of the train in action. A bit sad I know, but there you go.

As ever…. thanks for taking the time to look.