I have been continuing my experiments with the Ron Ranson Hake brush. The brush is bought ‘worn in’ and can produce brush strokes which are very loose or precise depending on the type of painting being done.

I think the next experiment is to include buildings with the hake, which should be interesting.

Thanks for looking.

I am liking the hake brush and these are my latest efforts. I have not posted images of the three paintings I dumped in the process of doing these two!

img class=alignnone size-full wp-image-262 title=Made up1 src=http://www.stevecrowther.me/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Made-up1.jpg alt= width=600 height=421 /

a href=http://www.stevecrowther.me/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Made-up.jpgimg class=alignnone size-full wp-image-263 title=Made up src=http://www.stevecrowther.me/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Made-up.jpg alt= width=529 height=700 //a

I had the chance for an afternoon of painting and decided to start experimenting with a hake brush. I have been inspired by Ron Ranson and Steven Cronin who use this fast and loose technique to produce really effective paintings.

I found the hake a bit tricky to get used to but really enjoyed the result. The paintings all took around 20 minutes to complete.

This week I had a go at a wildlife sketch. The smaller elephant was done with a pencil. The larger and more free sketch was drawn with a bamboo cane with a piece of charcoal taped to the end. The drawing was then completed with the paper taped to the floor and done stood up using the cane. Very enjoyable way of drawing and I like the result more than the carefully sketched elephant. It goes a long way to me trying to develop a freer way of producing artwork.

This painting was done from a photograph taken in the local park during the winter. This was done in watercolour with the foreground trees done in acrylics. This stopped me having to use masking fluid which I don’t like.

Thanks for looking….

My latest painting has been inspired by the fact that I have had some very early mornings of late and seen some beautiful sunrises.

This was painted in Acrylic on a canvas. I must say that the original does look better, but I am happy with the result. The painting marks my journey to becoming an artist and not just a copier of photos.

Thanks for looking….

This week at art group I was determined to paint something different. I produced my first real abstract and the first painting done with a knife and the first painting I have ever done on canvas. I liked the canvas experience and very much liked the unpredictability of using a palette knife. I know the taxis are not taxi shape, but this was part of the knife experience.
I do like the wet look of the road. Going to try another knife painting next class only this time it will be a fictional scene. I finally think i am on my way to trying to become a painter rather than a forger.

Thanks for looking…..


This week was very productive and I produced three pictures.

The miniature was a quick watercolour painting. We were all set the task of painting a picture 2” X 2”. I quite enjoyed this and may have a go at other small paintings.

The aircraft was done from a picture I took at Manchester airport. I cropped the foreground out of it as it didn’t work out that well. I must admit that doing this painting didn’t really fulfil me, and I am getting a little bored of being a forger rather than an artist. I need to do something rather than copying photographs.

The oil painting, my first oil, was an attempt to get away from the copying of photographs. I enjoyed doing this and liked oil painting. I am not so sue if I would do more at home as I have nowhere to leave work in progress. I will have another go at class though.

As ever….thanks for looking.





It was great to get back to art group last night after a very long Christmas break.

I decided to follow on my theme of body parts and attempted an eye in acrylic. I think it turned out ok and I particularly like the highlights that make it look glossy.

I am not sure about which body part to do next on my quest to create a massive collage.

Thanks for looking.


My picture this week is a bit different. I fancied doing something dramatic and this image seems to fit the bill. It was painted in acrylics and took under an hour to complete. I think I will have to paint the rest of the young lady in parts over the coming weeks Smile

Thanks for looking….


At the end of Art Class this week I had a bit of time to use up some paints. The result is this ten minute watercolour sketch of a random person.
I have not used watercolours for a while and I did enjoy painting this. Much different from my acrylic portraits.

Thanks for looking.