Lovely to be back at art group this evening after a forced absence due to work. Can’t really complain as I need the work, but I have missed the drawing and painting. This is an A3 watercolour which is large for me and I loved splashing the paint around. More of this size painting to follow.

This sketch was done at the end of art group and unwanted to use up the inks I’d already put into my pallett. This was very quick and accentuated by the use of ¬†fineliner pen.

Trying inks again on this elephant. This was done with Windsor and Newton inks and on this sketching didn’t dilute the colours first but let them mix on the paper. This worked much better and made the colours more vibrant.

I am determined to learn how to draw and paint people. My paintings and sketches tend not to have people in them, and I would kobe to be able to paint and draw portraits. I have decided to try and get to grips with portraiture and I am using the people I work with as examples and subjects. This is the first one.

This is a view of Halifax and the head office of the old Halifax Building Society. I remember this huge structure being built and the sculpture on the outside caused a real fuss when it was unveiled. It is a bunch of rusty tubes though. The other building used to be a cinema then the Colleseum nightclub which we used to frequent.

This was sketched in my small book and watercolor added.

Had a visit back to the home town this weekend and spent some time at some old haunts. One of which is Wainhouse Tower. I took the reference photo for this and decided to paint it without drawing first. I suppose it could be a bit macabre, but the tower did look good through the the graveyard.