Things have been quiet on the site since September. September 21st to be precise, as this is the date I suffered a heart attack. This coupled with a cardiac arrest saw me rushed to hospital and luckily I pulled through. Unfortunately there has been some permanent damage to my heart, but an MRI scan showed that, fingers crossed, things might be better than initially thought.

As part of my recuperation I found art to be great therapy. It gives you something to do and takes your mind off the worrying! As I had to take three months off work, being self employed meant that the work needed to get done around me and subsequently my employment dropped off immensely.  I therefore made the decision to throw my hat into the art business and took studio space at Haworth Art Gallery Stables and Motor House stables. I have since that time been creating art at a great rate and I want to share it back on here again. I have added a few images created over the last few months in this post, more will follow as I do them.


Produced this sketch on the iPad as the house still looks like a laundry from the epos holiday clean up. Trying for a panorama here. I could probably do this from memory by now!

We have just returned from a wonderful two weeks in Parga in Greece. I always take my drawing and painting stuff on holiday and this year I managed to do something every day. Here are my holiday sketches in full.

Took the reference photo for this watercolour sketch from the TV whilst watching a program based in the NE of the UK. The lighthouse really stood out and I paused the tv to take the shot.

Had a great day in Blackpool over the weekend and had a really long walk the length of the promenade. I took loads of photos whilst there and I painted this watercolour from one of my snaps.

I just had to paint this view whilst I had my fountain pen and Quink ink out. I never get tired of painting this view. This particular sketch is A4 size in width.