Had a lovely walk on the canal near home a few evenings ago. This is my watercolour of the Hyndburn Sea Cadet headquarters building. Painted in my Moleskine sketchbook.


This A3 sized watercolour represents one of my favourite sheep breeds, the Blue Faced Leicester. Thanks a huge sheep with a very distinctive shaped head. Apparently it’s a difficult sheep to keep as it’s very delicate. It was a joy to paint.

Goodness knows what made me want to paint this, but we always had budgies around when I was growing up. I also had a couple when we were first married. This is a watercolour on A3 sized paper and was really enjoyable to paint.

Lovely to be back at art group this evening after a forced absence due to work. Can’t really complain as I need the work, but I have missed the drawing and painting. This is an A3 watercolour which is large for me and I loved splashing the paint around. More of this size painting to follow.

This sketch was done at the end of art group and unwanted to use up the inks I’d already put into my pallett. This was very quick and accentuated by the use of ¬†fineliner pen.

Trying inks again on this elephant. This was done with Windsor and Newton inks and on this sketching didn’t dilute the colours first but let them mix on the paper. This worked much better and made the colours more vibrant.